Shilpa Shetty enjoys every inch of pregnancy

Mumbai: Shilpa Shetty, who is six months pregnant, has said in an interview that she is enjoying every inch of happiness coming out of being pregnant. The pretty and sexy actress has not been maintaining the low profile life, as mostly the Bollywood babes do while being pregnant rather Shetty has been traveling and attending the functions in this state.

She was there at the launch of her cricket team event and was also seen at the event of the new entertainment venture of her hubby Raj Kundra and Sanjay Dutt. There are rumors making the rounds that Shilpa has been actively involved in all of her husband’s works such as their (Shilpa and her hubby’s) IPL team and new Martial Arts venture. But she refused the reports and says that she has just been appearing as a supporting hand and nothing else.

Shilpa utters that she cannot claim to be an integral part of all the preparations rather she just supports her hubby as much as she can and in whatsoever capacity she can being a better half. Shetty says that she is utterly happy with the manner the fight league is going on and in shaping up. She goes on saying that MMA (Mixed Martial Support) will certainly take a bit of time to pick up the momentum in India but it is undoubtedly a brilliant sport that India needs besides cricket.

She is excitedly looking forward to the new phase in her life i.e. motherhood. She says that she and Raj are looking forward to becoming proud parents. When asked whether she would be traveling for the IPL matches along with her team, she responds that it depends on her health and the advice of her doctor as she would then be eight months pregnant and at that time, it would not be advicebale to travel.


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