Shirish Kunder thrown out of Nadiadwala’s Kick after Joker’s failure

Mumbai: Shirish Kunder’s much-awaited film ‘Joker’ has hit the screens and it is now a vivid reality that the film has bombed at the box office and among the cinegoers. The critics termed it a disaster and a joke. Shirish was much enthusiast and certain for the success with the film since he had taken the likes of Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in main leads. When the pair’s film ‘Rowdy Rathore’ turned successful, the possibility of Joker’s touching heights emerged but at last audiences like the content which is largely missing in the movie.

Shirish, after the failure of Joker, faced another failure in his career just after the release of the movie. He was to direct ‘Kick’ starring Salman Khan in main role to be produced by Sajid Nadiadwala who is a dear friend of Farah Khan (wife of Shirish Kunder) and Sajid Khan. But Sajid Nadidawala has kicked out Kunder from the project.

Nadiadwala has decided to direct the film by himself. Well, when the matter is of investing money – rapports do not work at all. So Sajid Nadiadwala did not consider the good relationships with Farah rather considered about his whopping money to be invested in the project. Joker got very bad response from audiences and critics. So probably it seems to be the reason of dropping Shirish Kunder from the venture.

Kunder had made his directorial debut with Nadiadwala’s Jaan-e-Mann in 2006 and now he came up with Joker which destroyed his direction’s career. But the man is determined to return to direction once again. He says he does not like the remakes so he would return with novel subjects.

Kick is the remake of the popular Telugu movie of the same title released in 2009.

Shirish Kunder is a film editor turned film director.

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