Sirish torturing wife Srija

New Delhi: Srija, the daughter of the South Indian actor Chiranjeevi, filed complaint against Sirish Bharadwaj, her husband, for mentally and physically abusing her for dowry. The complaint was filed this Monday, at the Central Crime Station.

Apparently, Srija has been tortured for the past couple of months, both mentally and physically. Despite the fact that she has given a heavy amount in the past to Sirish, he keeps abusing her for the dowry. Sirish has been booked because he subjected a married woman to cruelty, under the section 498-A, of the IPC. He abuses Srija, demands money, and he also used to drink heavily, torturing his wife for months now.

According to a CCS officer, it became a daily practice for Sirish to abuse his wife after getting drunk. His demand is that his wife gives him Rs 1.5 crore. For now, Sirish is under custody, and he is being interrogated as we speak.

The two got married in 2007, against the wish of Chiranjeevi and his wife. She left for Delhi immediately after the wedding.

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