Sonam Kapoor breaks silence



The much hyped film “Mausam” did not create any ripples at the box office. However there have been speculations that the movie did not fare well at the box office as it failed to leave an impression with the audience. However Sonam Kapoor, of late has broken her silence and have given her viewpoint regarding the movie.

According to reports, Sonam has added that the movie had a very low pace which accounted for the box office failure.

Sonam further added to a film tabloid that the movie was slow and did not strike a chord with the youngsters. However Sonam denied reports of having spoken too harshly about the movie in general. On a social networking site Sonam recently cleared the air by stating that she was proud to be a part of “Mausam” and the journalist who wrote the article misrepresented facts. Sonam did not even spare the journalist and called him a “jerk”. “Mausam” according to Sonam is one of her memorable films.

An insider reveals that Sonam and Shahid Kapoor the lead actors of the film had huge differences on the sets which had an impact on the movie. Shahid Kapoor event went further to add that Sonam did not devote much time for the promotion of the film.

Reports are coming in Sonam is not wearing a bikini for her upcoming film “Players” but sticking out her middle finger has been a concern for many. Sonam Kapoor does not believe in exposing in order to be bold but she prefers to be different from the rest with her clothes and actions.
Sonam is bold in everything that she does whether it is her personal style to the films that she chooses. Sonam also believes in dressing up in particular fashion which many have already have started noticing.


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