Sri Devi says Priyanka Chopra is versatile

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra, the sultry and talented beauty of B-Town, is the one gal of the tinsel town who is laced with endless amount of talents which she keeps showing off to the masses. The glamorous damsel is going to be seen in an utter de-glam role in the upcoming film ‘Barfi’ directed by Anurag Basu.

She plays the roles of a mentally challenged girl in the film and the people have started comparing her character and looks to those of Sri Devi in Sadma. The masses compare her character to Sri Devi’s 1983’s superhit film Sadma. The song ‘Aashiyan’ from the movie has been released and the track has started getting good response from the people and a lot of buzz is being created for the song on web these days.

Chopra has been really flooded with responses, calls and messages from the people about her comparison to Devi’s role in Sadma. Priyanka’s spokesperson too reveals the fact about people’s making comparisons of her get-up with Sri Devi in Kamal Hassan and Sri Devi starrer in Sadma.

The film’s director Anurag Basu clears that people may be right about the comparisons since last time a female played the mentally challenged role in films was for Sadma but when the masses will watch Barfi, they will be cleared that there is no comparison of both characters in actual.

Sri Devi too is quite impressed by Priyanka’s acting skills and she says that Chopra is a versatile actress. Sri Devi points out Priyanka’s movies Kaminey and Saath Khon Muaff and says check her acting skills in the movies.

Priyanka Chopra is the actress who really keeps experiementing with her looks and even bravely goes for the deglam roles as well. She is really brilliant and her brilliance will now be seen in Barfi.

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