Steven Tyler likes Bollywood music

Mumbai: The popular American rock star Steven Tyler famous for his powerful voice and distinctive on stage performance is in fact a fan of
the Indian music; the celebrity has said that as a teenager he used to listen to the Indian musician Ravi Shankar. The 63-year old rock star does admit that his knowledge regarding Bollywood music is not that significant, but from what he has been able to hear, he likes it.

In a recent interview granted to the IANS, Steven Tyler wanted to say that “I’d have to say that my limited knowledge of Indian music and film is based on seeing Ravi Shankar when I was a teenager. I’m aware of some of the genres of Indian music. On the whole, a lot of Indian music seems to be speaking to the soul, which is wonderful. I know there is a world-famous music and movie scene in India and I’m sure that its growing influence will continue.”


As you may know, the world famous singer has used what he calls ‘a taste of India’ in his eponymous song launched with Aerosmith back in
the year of 1997. The song has many elements that are part of the Bollywood music. Some other connection to Aerosmith and India, is when the band had a concert in Bangalore in 2007. When asked if he would want to perform again in India, the performer known for songs such as ‘Crazy’ or ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ said “Well, soon enough!” Steven Tyler is the father of four chikdren – Mia, Liv, Chelsea and Taj.


Well we have to say that we are more than sure that everyone in India and Bollywood especially is looking forward to a new concert from the
rock band Aerosmith. Let’s hope that the wish will come true.

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