Strike postponed. Will there be a reasonable solution?

The Bollywood producers have postponed their strike scheduled initially for January 6th, in hope that the raging controversy which affects their rights will soon be resolved. The riot was caused by an amendment to the Copyright Act which was proposed recently. The amendment states that producers are to share 50% of the music rights with lyricists and composers.

Meetings were held yesterday, with the senior Congress leaders and the producers. Ambika Soni, the Information and Broadcasting Minister, and Kapil Sibal, the Human Resource Development Minister, were present at the meeting and the responses were positive, says the producer Mukesh Bhatt.

The producers must now seek a reasonable solution that meets the rights of composers and authors. The government insists that composers and producers all the same will be very well treated in this delicate matter.

Javed Akhtar is a famous lyricist in the industry, but very few of the audience have heard of him. Thus, is decided it was time for a change and is now fighting for the composers’ rights.

It was time for a change in the perception of our artists.

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