Sujoy Ghosh to start sequel to Kahaani

Mumbai: Sujoy Ghosh is a talented filmmaker and script writer, this is now proved and the entire film industry and the masses admit the fact. With the box office and critically-acclaimed hit Kahaani, Ghosh has proved that he can make the films which can ignite the ticket window with gusto. We have learnt that Sujoy is currently writing two scripts to make two Hindi films which he will soon begin in India.

There is no denying at all that all and sundry are now waiting to see what Sujoy Ghosh will bring up for them on screen to watch? For the anxious people, this is the big news that the luminous filmmaker and writer is presently working on two scripts sitting in London. Sujoy himself tweeted to fans on his page that he was working on two screenplays – one for Amitabh Bachchan and other for Vidya Balan.

It has been learnt that for the project on Vidya, it will be a sequel to Vidya Balan’s mega successful film ‘Kahaani’. Sujoy mentions that once he finishes off with both the screenplays, he will be able to decide on which project he is to start working first. If the sequel to Kahaani is announced, it will be a treat for the movie’s fans. But what nice it would be if the sequel of the movie will be made after some hiatus since we all know when a gap happens, the interest quotient becomes stronger. Thus the moviegoers have to give some gap (as the movie has just been released recently) so that they can develop the interest and curiosity for the film.

Kahaani’s rights have also been sold out to regional movie makers to remake the film in regional languages. The talks are also going on with Aditya Chopra for Kahaani’s remake in English language for the world audiences in particular to Western viewers.

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