Sunny and Bobby Deol’s absence from Esha’s marriage irks Dharmendra

Mumbai: Esha Deol’s marriage took place few days back with her longtime beau Bharat Takhtani and at the three –day wedding events, the Bollywood and politics’ presence was seen there. But the half brothers of Esha Deol Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol and their families’ absence was a big question during all the functions.

At the Sangeet party of Esha Deol, even Dharmendra too was not present which also raised many eyebrows since he was a father and his presence must have been there. Well, post events of marriage – the main events were attended by the legendary Bollywood star Dharmendra. The entire media was searching the two macho men of Bollywood – Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, who are the step brothers of Esha. But the two were not found at all during the whole wedding ceremony.

Since media is always keen to grab the spicy stories in particular the tabloids are always on the feet to capture these kinds of gossips, the reporters could not hold themselves anymore and went ahead to ask this question about Sunny and Bobby’s absence from the event. But Dharmendra lost his temper on this question.

Dharmendra was playing a courteous and good host there but when the media asked this question, the actor mimicked the reporter. Later another reporter asked the same question then the father could not hold his temper and lost it saying ‘Aap Bakwas Mat Kijiye’ (Don’t talk rubbish).

Later Dharmendra, when he came into a good mood, said ‘I am happy, so you too be happy also.’

Well, sources say that Bobby was in London with his family and Sunny was shooting. Dharmendra’s behavior showed the media that there was something blackish behind the matter which was why the two brothers did not appear at the wedding.

Well, the marriage was a big lavish affair no matter if Deol brothers attended it or not.

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