Suzanne Roshan’s third baby – “The Charcoal Project”

Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan is probably very content and relaxed at the moment, seeing that his wife is also in cloud nine. Suzanne recently launched the “Charcoal Project”, her new showroom. The two already have two sons, but Suzanne feels that this new project of hers is her third child, and nothing less.

Suzanne stated to the press that the “Charcoal Project” is her new own little baby. She added that they are trying to sell more than just furniture, but they are selling a concept. About the more than unusual name of the “Charcoal Project”, Suzanne said that she chose this name because charcoal gives light and heat when it burns, and that is exactly what she expects from each project she starts to work on. She wanted to give life to it, and Hrithik added that Suzanne ‘can make it glow’.

Everyone who matters in Bollywood was present at the showroom of Suzanne, and all appreciated her work. SRK could not be present, but his wife, Gauri Khan, filled in for him.

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