Tabassum Ji recalls the golden memories of Dev Anand

Dev Anand, the evergreen actor of Hindi cinema, died on 4th December 2011 with heart attack in London. The news shocked the entire entertainment industry of India and the masses since he was the one actor who all and sundry simply loved. A harmless figure, who always believed in living life king size, was the apple of everybody’s eyes. The entire Bollywood industry got sad after his demise and sent condolences messages to his family. Where other biggies of the Hindi cinema shares their views on the legendary star’s death, there is another legendary figure of the Indian entertainment who shared screen space with the full of life actor Dev Anand, Tabassum Ji, who got utterly sad after hearing the death news of Dev Sahib, the man who was gifted with talents (as he was not only an actor but also a director, producer and script writer).

Tabussam Ji – who has been attached to various mediums of entertainment such as films, radio, television, stage and literature – is much famed personality of India. The gem in her own trade, Tabassum Ji has been conferring the audiences with her classy talents gifted by God. Her entire family (three generations) has been associated with the world of entertainment – her son Hoshang Govil and her granddaughter Kkushi, both are the known personalities of Bollywood and TV respectively.

Talking about Dev Sahib, Tabassum Ji says that she knows Anand Sahib for last 60 years since both she and Dev Anand has spent the long 60 years in Bollywood industry. Dev Sahib always asked her ‘never consider yourself old in life’. She goes on saying that she worked with him in her childhood and then again when she grew young. Tabassum Ji continues in the same breath that when she was a child, she would call him ‘uncle’ and by the time she grew young, she started saying him ‘Bhaiya’ (elder brother). Dev Anand got happy with this title and he began calling her ‘baby’ till his death.

She recalls one of the great moments with him when she asked him about his energetic young life, he responded her saying ‘Tabassum jo baat tumko tension se, tum usko attention mat do’ (Tabassum, the thing that gives you tension, do not give it attention at all). Tabassum ji is much sad after his death and she says that Dev Sahib would be in her and all movie fans’ memories forever, as he is really unforgettable.

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