The IPL fight between Shah Rukh Khan and security guards

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan’s brawl with the security guards at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai has turned out to be the hottest trend on the web and in the media. The whole country rather the entire world has got crazy to dig into more details about this quarrel which took place on Wednesday night. The brawl became the hot topic on Thursday. Both parties are now fighting on it in the media. The Mumbai Cricket Association has now filed the complaint against the superstar for his being abusive to the security personnel being drunken.

MCA (Mumbai Cricket Association) and Shah Rukh Khan both have very stern stance on this issue. MCA has filed the complaint against SRK and wants the lifetime ban on Shah Rukh for not entering into the Wankhede Stadium. Shah Rukh in turn wants apology from the security officials and the association.

The audio of the fight has now been leaked out and become a viral on the web. The audio shows both sides getting angry over each other.

This all happened when Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter and her friends were playing near the boundary line of the stadium when the security personnel shoved Khan’s daughter and her friends and stopped them not to enter into the stadium. Khan was watching from upstairs and he came down and stopped the security guards not to misbehave. This led to arguments which then turned into a heated brawl. Shah Rukh Khan’s point is that the security guards manhandled the kids and touched the little girls. Khan also maintained his stance that it was security guards who first misbehaved. He said that he was not drunk at all.

On Friday, the decision on imposing the ban on Shah Rukh Khan about his not entering into the stadium for lifetime will be taken place.

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