Theater gives free ice cream

A theater in a district has a unique idea of attracting customers to watch the film they are showing.  The theater is giving free ice cream as part of their marketing plan to raise movie goers that are watching their film.  The movie is the Telugu-dub Tamil movie, Maaveeran which is featuring the son of Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan Teja.


Both distributors and theatre owners in the district are expecting a huge money from the film sowing of the telugu movie because of the fact that most of the which are dubbed from telugu into tamil always ends up a hit a movie.  That was the case whenever a dubbed film is shown in the Central districts of the State but things are a little different right now that a theater needs a different approach in bring people inside their cinema.


The Telugu movie ‘Magadheera’ was a box office hit in Andhra Pradesh is dubbed into a tamil movie “Maaveera”.  Most theater owners are expecting such a huge return for their investment; however things didn’t go as they expected as the movie didn’t get the response that they are expecting from moviegoers.


One of the three cinemas that are screening the movie is the Anbu theatre in Lalgud.


According to the theater manager the original version was such a success in the Andhra Pradesh.  In most cases, dubbed films are a good investment since the investment in such movie is not high and people love it.  They are positive that the movie will generate lots of income since the movie has both romance and action.  However, things were not positive in the first week and in the second week, only a few people shows up to watch the movie.  Because of the reason that they have invested too much in the movie, they could not just stop the screening, they have to get their initial investment.  This has given way to the idea of giving free ice cream for people who shows up first while the late comers would get pop corns.


He added that the idea is a hit since the number of people now watching the film greatly improved.  They are more confident now that their investment would yield some good profit for them.



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