Uday Chopra All Set For Dhoom 3

Looks like Uday Chopra is bubbling with excitement for his upcoming film Dhoom 3. The actor has apparently already started to prepare himself, in order to play this role to the best of his ability. Before you think that the shooting is just about to start, let us tell you that this is not the case. In fact, the shooting is not going to start very soon at all.

In this context, it is necessary to mention that Uday is not working on any other film right now. So no wonder Dhoom 3 is getting all his attention. He is seriously taking pains to get the perfect physique for the character that he is playing. Also, it has been heard that he is trying out a variety of looks in order to find the best one. The photo shoots have also started so that he can choose the one that is just perfect.

Going by the previous parts of Dhoom, it is easy to assume that this film too will be an action and adventure film. Thus, it is no wonder that Uday has already started preparing for the dangerous stunts that he will be performing. He has supposedly insisted that he wishes to do all the stunts himself. So he has definitely been spending a lot of time on bikes. The actor himself has said that he even broke a bike while learning or practicing the stunts. He jokingly commented that instead of the bike hurting him, he managed to break the bike.

It is to be noted that the actor had earlier mentioned that this will be the last film that he will be acting in. However, that does not mean that Uday is saying good bye to the film industry. He wishes to try his hand in directing after this.

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