Under 25 can’t drink alcohol, Bollywood reacts

Mumbai: The recent decision made by the government of Maharashtra – the one referring to the ban of using alcohol under the age of 25 – has made many people react, although we have to mention that there are a few who endorse this decision. Amongst the Bollywood celebrities that approve this decision is none other than the veteran star Hema Malini. The actress is also an active Bharatiya Janata Party politician who has said that support 100 per cent the government decision. According to her opinion, the decision is a very good one.

This is not the only celebrity from tinsel town who supports the ban. Director Anant Mahadevan is also in the favor of the ban. He supports his opinion by stating that the abuse of cigarettes and alcohol has proven to be bad for one’s health, even more he would want the ban of cigarettes use under the age of 25 as well.

Seconding these two Bollywood celebrities is none other than actor and activist Shabana Azmi who claims that the decision was necessary due to the increase of alcohol abuse in these past few years. He said that many studies show the alcohol abuse has lead to many incidents as well as a lot of driving accidents.

Still the celebrities that support the ban are only a few compared to those that are opposed it. For instants, the director Rahul Dholakia slams this new law made by the government of Maharashtra. Also the Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma believes the law is not needed. He said that he fails to see how a person under 25 can vote, but the same person cannot make the decision of drinking or not.

Shekhat Suman, Jagmohan Mundhra, Vikram Bhatt, Pooja Bedi, Manesh Bhatt, Ronit Roy and many other celebrities from the tinsel town film industry do not believe in this new law.

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