Veena Malik says leading heroines should do item songs

Mumbai: Veena Malik, Pakistani bombastic sexy actress who is on way to shake the Bollywood scene with her sex appeal and oomph factor, is the babe whose career is constructed on controversies and she keeps on generating the same all the time. Well, as long as controversies work, no harm Veena in generating them. Malik now says that leading actresses of Bollywood cinema have to do item songs and they should not stay away from them at all. She thinks that doing item songs is more challenging than doing a movie.

She utters that things are starting to change. Today item songs are well in demand even sometimes the whole movie depends on the item number. She responds to the reporters who ask her reaction to Hema Malini’s comments that top heroines of Bollywood should not do item songs at all.

Veena says that item songs turn out to be biggest responsibility thus heroines do not have to be away from them. Veena was there at the music launch of her debut film, ‘Daal Mein Kuch Kaaala Hai’. She goes on chipping in that she is doing around six women centric movies nonetheless she prefers doing item songs. She points out that she did Channo and then one in Tere Naal Love Hogaya and she is on way to do another very soon. Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai is Veena Malik’s debut vehicle in Bollywood and when the reports ask if it is the best launch pad for her, she responds saying she is utterly happy that she is a part of Hindi film industry and she made her career without any support of a man or getting attached to a group. She adds that it is just the start of her career and the important thing is that her producers are showing full faith in her. She rates it a good and big achievement.

The sultry babe has also signed the Telugu version of The Dirty picture. Her other Bollywood movies to come are Mumbai 125 KM and Zindagi 50-50. She is shooting for Supermodel also.

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