Vetri Maaran’s next film not to feature Dhanush

Mumbai: There is no secret to anyone that the collaboration between Vetri Maaran and Dhanush has been indeed a successful one. The actor director duo goes back a long was, as they have worked together on several project such as Polladhavan – which was also the directorial debut of Maaran – and Aadukalam – which won six National Awards this year.
However the director prepares us a surprise as he said that his next production will not star the actor Dhanush, the son in low of the Indian celebrity Rajinikanth. “I believe in change. If you keep on working with the same people it gets boring for both parties. We need to keep changing. I am not working with Dhanush in my next movie,” Maraan said.

As you may know, both of his film productions have known quite the success at the box office. However the director said that he really makes the films to win money and not to win any awards. “I make films to recover the cost, to make money and not to get awards. Awards are always welcome but acceptance by the audience is more important.”

As for the award won by his last production, Maaran wanted to say that this prize should not be a yardstick to judge a flick. “I was surprised and was not ready to accept it. My friend called me up and said ‘It’s your day’ which I couldn’t quite understand. I thought we won the best regional film award. Awards are always in tandem with the jury. There are great films that go unnoticed at times and so awards should not be a yardstick to judge films. I was a little sad that my cinematographer R Velraj didn’t get an award but then I respect the decision of the jury,” added the popular director.

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