Vidya Balan admits she’s dating Siddharth Roy Kapoor

Mumbai: Vidya Balan, the National Award winner for her marvelous performance in Ekta Kapoor’s produced blockbuster ‘The Dirty Picture’, has eventually openly admitted her relationship with the UTV headhoncho Siddharth Roy Kapoor. But she also mentions that she and Siddharth are not in hurry to get the things finalized (marriage).

She goes on saying that she does not have any plans of marriage yet besides Siddarth has not given any engagement ring that means she is not engaged yet but she marriage is on cards and she will certainly tie the knot.

The 34-year-old actress has lately been appointed as the Bollywood Ambassador of Victoria and she was in Melbourne (Australia) for the promotion of the Indian Film Festival all set to commence from June 11th. As Rakshi Sawant has been claiming big to beat Vidya and Veena enacting Silk Smitha in the Bengali version of The Dirty Picture (Rakhi has been chosen for the lead role in the Bengali version of this film), Vidya says that if she does it will be good to watch her. Vidya chips in that she has done his job with her perfection thus if someone else does it with more conviction, it will be great.

Vidya and Siddharth have been dating since long and post the success of The Dirty Picture, Siddharth has reporyedly gifted Vidya a lavish apartment in Mumbai. Both recently went to a romantic trip to Goa traveling in the economy class (appears weird!!) where the people got crazy seeing her among them.

Vidya has mentioned that she is on the peak of her career and she will tie the knot later in life since it is not the right time to get into nuptial knot. She is right as she is enjoying big stardom these days. Vidya, let the people enjoy your acting skills now, marriage….you can do later.

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