Vidya Balan in magic of lyricist-poet Gulzar

Mumbai: Vidya Balan, who is not only super gorgeous but also a great actress Indian cinema has today, is in utter magic of the renowned lyricist-director-writer and poet Gulzar. She openly admits that it is Gulzar Sahib who introduced her to Urdu Literature and she is now completely mesmerized by the magical beauty of the literature.

Balan was there at the album launch titled ‘Tera Bayaan Ghalib’ where she shared her thoughts about the legendary lyricist and filmmaker who is also an Urdu poet and story writer. Gulzar is a true creative genius. His movies are based around the sensitive issues of the society since he very closely observes the society in particular the minor things which we often ignore. Gulzar always says that he makes movies for sensitive people. His movies and poetry is what simply penetrate into souls and the magic oozes out of them is what one loves to enjoy with.

Vidya told that she watched Gulzar Sahib reading the Karadi Tales a few years back at the Kalaghoda Festival. Balan went on mentioning and admitting that she got simply enthralled and found herself wrapped up with Gulzar Sahib’s magical voice and creativity. She added that due to his reading out tales, she started loving Urdu Literature.

Vidya was there at the album launch with Gulzar. Vidya, 33, told that Vishal Bhardwaj, for him Gulzar often writes songs for his movies, called him ‘Safed Sufi’.

The album is a marvelous and classy piece and a real magnum opus in every sense of the word. It consists of Mirza Ghalib’s letters and poems recited by Gulzar. It also carries Ghazals sung by Jagjit Singh with whom Gulzar has recorded several albums in past. Gulzar Sahib had produced a television serial on Ghalib titled ‘Mirza Ghalib’ way back in 1988 starring Naseeruudin Shah in the character of Mirza Nosha (Mirza Ghalib).

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