Vidya Balan loves her friends

Mumbai: Vidya Balan, where she is a famed actress of Bollywood and has big stardom, she is also a very friendly person. She has a good circle of friends and she simply cherishes it hugely. She happens to be quite particular about her friends.

About her friends, the dusky actress says that she is proud of her friends. She adds that she and her friends share an unspoken bond. She reveals that her friends have known her from those days when she was not a star and had not entered into entertainment field. Balan expresses that she loves the understanding the most which exists between she and her pals.

She goes on adding that often there are days when she does not have time at all to meet them up and she is quite busy for months in shootings, they (her friends) understand it well and they do not mind. On the other hand, when they are busy and she has free time, she does not mind it at all. This is called understanding which they all have in common. Vidya says due to our understanding, our friendship keeps going and going.

Vidya Balan says that she finds herself utterly lucky that she has good friends in her circle. She mentions that she values each of her friends highly.

Vidya has turned to super heights after the giant success of The Dirty Picture. The film has put her in the list of top notch Bollywood actresses. She is today rated among the top five babes of Hindi cinema standing along with the likes of Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and others.

Balan has many big projects in pipeline and she is working on them. Recently she enjoyed vacations with beau Siddharth Kapur in London watching Wimbledon Tennis matches. She is now open about her relationship with Siddharth.

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