Vidya Balan says she loves curvy Indian women

Mumbai: Although this top notch sexiest woman of the Bollywood trade, who has also been rated among the topper of Hindi cinema after the consecutive successes of The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, Vidya Balan does not have size zero but is laced with the voluptuously fleshy sexy figure. She says that she likes the Indian women with much curvy bodies.

When asked her if she will ever endorse the size zero figure, she says that according to her zero is ‘zero cholesterol and zero trans-fat (which are found in Aliva Snacks)’ and above all the zeroes in her paycheck. She goes on saying that she likes the curvy body structures of Indian women and she is well-gifted with the same. Yes, she has curvy physique that slaughters the men with utter sex appeal.

Vidya, 33, was at the event conducted for the official announcement of Balan’s appointment as the brand ambassador for Aliva Snaks (launched by Pepsico). She was clad with s shocking pink saree. On her dresses, she adds that she loves flaunting the mixture of traditional and modern. Balan utters that a part of her happens to be much traditional which is the reason that she is often seen wearing sarees.

Vidya Balan has turned the pivotal choice for the filmmakers after the box office successes of The Dirty Picture and Kahaani. She is being signed by the makers. In her career, most of the movies she has done so far are women centric and she has given the importance to women. And due to this, Bollywood now makes movies on women related subjects.

The brands have also shown interest on this babe and they have started roping her in to the endorsements. Well, this is undoubtedly the success period which has begun for Vidya Balan and she says she is enjoying her stardom fully.

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