Vidya Balan’s desire to become Indira Gandhi!

Vidya Balan is having a dream run for one year or so. From being branded as traditional beauty during her early days of ‘Parineeta’, she turned a voluptuous bomb last year enacting yesteryear Southern sex bomb Silk Smitha role in ‘Dirty Picture’ which was a biopic on the late actress. Movie lovers who wrote off Vidya as just a traditional girl next door only were dazzled with her bold and beautiful appearance in ‘Dirty Picture’.  When movie critiques were up in arms criticizing Vidya for such a complete turnover she shocked all once again with her amazing performance as Silk Smitha, in ‘Dirty Picture’.

The film catapulted her to dizzy heights in bollywood which no heroine could attain till now and is enjoying her stardom on par with top bollywood icons like Sharukh,Salman and Amir Khan. She is presently turning pregnant woman in quest of her lost husband in unknown Kolkota streets in ‘Kahaani’. Already reports are coming that many onlookers couldn’t recongnise her in her costumes as pregnant woman. Just like other stars even the most happening heroine Vidya Balan has her dream role to play.

Speaking with media, she says “Action is not something I would want to do. I want to do a nice Arth kind of a film on extra marital affair which these days we often get to hear or maybe a biopic on Indira Gandhi.” Though many directors and film makers are queuing for her dates offering numerous roles she says “I want to work with Gulzar.” But Vidya has some low opinion of South ,though bollywood film makers have tasted success remaking South Indian hit films and she rules out acting in South Indian films saying “In south, they don’t write many roles for actresses. I am happy here,” Hope Vidya Balan realizes and spellbound movie lovers in her dream roles.

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