Vidya Balan’s ‘Kahaani’: A story of emancipation of womanhood

Vidya Balan’s much hyped film ‘Kahaani’ hits theatres tomorrow, fittingly, a day after the International Woman’s Day. The film, no matter what its box office fate be, has already made a powerful impact with its underlying message. That ‘Kahaani’ is being shouldered primarily by a woman speaks a lot. In an age where a Bollywood cinema is considered doomed unless it has a big male Khan or a protégé from Kapoor clan, ‘Kahaani’ has taken that giant stride towards giving the woman her due credit. This is a bold & commendable move taken by the film’s director to let one woman do all the talking. Yes, Vidya is the sole big star of the film. And she’s a woman. That’s the kahaani of ‘Kahaani’. It vows to survive without a Khan or a Kapoor.

Actress Vidya Balan has carved out a special niche for herself. Her sensitive portrayal of a dying patient in Mani Ratnam’s Guru, her seductive rendition of a rustic belle in ‘Ishqiya’, her depiction of a caring mother battling many personal demons in ‘Paa’, her gritty manifestation of a mentally bruised lady in ‘No One Killed Jessica’ and, more recently, her fiery onscreen performance of the sex siren Silk in ‘The Dirrty Picture’- Vidya has worked with diligence & grit to come out shining.

From Filmfare to National Award, every trophy has come kissing her feet this year for her ‘Dirrty’ act. So, it’s no wonder that a lot is being expected from ‘Kahaani’ in which she plays a pregnant woman hunting for her lost husband in the unknown streets of Kolkata. To play the part of Bidya (oops, Vidya) Bagchi, she even risked her life, making a narrow escape (she nearly fell into Kolkata’s Metro Railway tracks during the shoot), and then ran from pillar to post (from one channel to another) with a prosthetic-pregnant look for promotions.

Need we say more? Vidya, singlehandedly, is ready to play the epitome of woman-power. Yes, her ‘Kahaani’ is a story of emancipation of womanhood in an industry and country, hitherto, dominated by male chauvinism…

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