Vidya Balan’s Kahaani inspired by real life experiences

Mumbai: Vidya Balan’s Kahaani is releasing this Friday and all eyes are set to the film’s release since Balan’s last fetched her super accolades and reviews in addition to the awards she has been receiving till now. It has now been learnt that the story of Vidya Balan’s Kahaani is inspired by the real life experiences of the writer of the film, Advaita Kala who is also a novelist.

What happened with Advaita while being in Kolkata is what has been dashed off in Kahaani. Advaita told the media that despite city’s poverty and language barrier, she was caught by the magic of Kolkata and still is heavily in love with it. The reflection of writer’s love to the city is vivid in the film.

The film reveals Vidya playing seven months pregnant lady who arrives in Kolkata from London to search her missing husband. Similarly Advaita too had hit the place when she came from the US to search her boyfriend and she worked at Oberoi Hotel to spend her time there in the city. Her beau also used to work in this hotel and she retraced the footsteps of him while working at the same hotel.

She went on narrating that she liked visiting the bookstores he used to pay visit at and walking on the roads, he used to put her feet on. It seemed quite romantic to the novelist. Thus she is emotionally attached to Vidya’s character in the movie.

Advaita came in the city in 1999 to search her beau. She told that she had written the script putting Vidya in mind. For Vidya, this movie is quite important as her last release was a blockbuster and people expect this film to be successful as well. Vidya too wants success from this venture. Let’s wait and see.

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