Vidya Balan’s stalker arrested

Mumbai: Vidya Balan, who has turned super popular in India and around the globe post her brilliant acting and bold avatar in The Dirty Picture, is being victimized by a stalker who has continuously been stalking the babe since quite some time. Her fan following has multiplied twice after the success of the movie. But there is a crazy fan who has turned obsessive for this sexy siren.

The guy in his late 20s had started following her wherever she went post the release of The Dirty Picture. He also followed her to the film sets. Now he gathered the big courage and reached to Balan’s apartment.

He is found everywhere – on the sets, at her building and everywhere. Vidya even said him ‘Namaste’ considering him her usual fan. Last week, things got worse when the stalker reached at her apartment. It was fortunate for Balan that she was not there at home. Her sister who delivered twins in November 2011 was there at Vidya’s residence. The stalker rang the bell and her sister opened the door. When he asked about Vidya, she told that she was out. The stalker then uttered to Vidya’s sister that she had gone out with her niece Ira and nephew Ruhaan.

This stunned her sister and Vidya a lot that the actress alerted the security guard to keep an eye on him. So when he returned to the building, the security guard called the police who arrested him. But he was released after a warning to be away from the actress.

This is not new that an actress got victimized by a stalker rather previously Katrina Kaif, Kangna Ranuat and recently Mugda Godse were faced this kind of situation. The fans often turn much crazy for their icons and the obsession makes them to go this extent of stalking.

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