Vijayawada police stops filming of Varma’s movie

Vijayawada: The eminent filmmaker, none other than Ram Gopal had scheduled a shooting for the film ‘Bezwada Rowdeelu’. However thing did not went according to plan, as the Vijayawada police stopped the filming for his film, in spite of the fact that the filmmaker had the permission to do the shoot. The facts are that the Police Commissioner from Vijayawada, Amit Garg issued an order to cancel the permission granted to the film maker earlier.

Apparently, the reason behind this decision was an appeal made by a group of lawyers from the city, mainly because the story of the film is a very controversial one. The movie in question is based on the story of a conflict between very important politician from the city, late legislator Vangaveeti Ranga and Devineni Nehru. The filming for the flick, which has actor Naga Chaitanya in the leading role, was going on in the town for the past couple of days.

Even though, they already had the permission to shoot, the chief of police decided to revoke it after discussing the matter with several legal experts, after there were several representations by different group. From what we have been able to find out it seems that Sarvodaya Mandali, which is an association of lawyers, has demanded the police department to cancel the permission, argumentum that the filming will disturb the peaceful atmosphere in the city.

As you may know, the murder of Ranga in 1988 has lead to several large scale demonstrations in the city. So the lawyers stated that there is a change for the ongoing movie to reopen the buried conflicts regarding this issue. Claiming the people have gone past on those events, the lawyer argued that the movie will hurt the feelings of the communities. Apparently the citizens have also said that the film will spoil the image of the city.

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