Vikas Bhalla remembers superstar Rajesh Khanna

Mumbai: Bollywood’s first superstar Rajesh Khanna has passed away on Wednesday, July 18th at his residence in Mumbai. The entire Bollywood and entertainment industry in addition to his millions of fans across the globe are mourning his death.  Every star, who found the golden opportunity to work with the legendary actor , now remembers the golden memories of the past. The actor has now left behind only ‘memories’ to cherish with. The actor like Rajesh Khanna, who gave acting a new style and uniqueness, is born once in a century. He was a real gem and the masses would always remember him in their prayers and his works will always make him live forever.

Vikas Bhalla, a famed name on television who is currently seen in much-watched show ‘Uttaran’, has his priceless memories of the departing actor. Bhalla worked with the superstar Rajesh Khanna in a television soap titled ‘Apne Paraye’ which was aired on B4U channel. Remembering the days of the filming of the show, Vikas says that he played Khanna’s son in the show. The show was the story of a father and son’s relationship. Vikas utters that he is laced with fond memories of the superstar. Bhalla adds that though he worked with Khanna as a costar but he also very much knew him as a social person. He was such a fine human being.

Vikas Bhalla says working with the superstar Rajesh Khanna was like a dream come true. He utters even being a superstar, he was a true down to earth human. Bhalla expresses he cannot forget the time he spent with the great actor, who is no more. Vikas adds that his movies are all time classics such as Aradhana, Amar Prem, Aap Ki Kasam, Roti, and Safar.

The industry insiders used to call him ‘Kaka’ with love and respect.

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