Vikram Bhatt to make film on Wife-Swapping

Mumbai: Vikram Bhatt, the famous producer-director who has many hit movies to his credit, is going to come up with a shockingly new film that would be based on a big taboo subject – far more than the subject of Vicky Donor, which we people are considering ‘taboo’ in today’s time. Bhatt’s subject of the movie is the one which surely bring out the bigger protests on roads. Once it is announced, he will have to be prepared since the roads and streets would be filled with the masses. Media would be abuzz since this kind of subject is the one even the modern classes of India do not want to discuss or think over it (though few sections of the upper classes of the urban cities are involved in this evil that is slightly and silently developing in the society). Well, Vikram is going to make the film on the subject of wife-swapping.

Previously we have seen this subject in very light manner (not much openly) in few of Bollywood films such as Abbas-Mustan’s Ajnabee and Rajat Kapoor’s Mixed Doubles. Vikram admits that these two movies are the light take on the subject of wife swapping whereas his movie will be far more dark and probing.

When asked why he chose this film that carries the taboo subject? He responds, “don’t call it taboo since wife-swapping is happening in the big cities of the country. A number of urban cities’ couples are involved in it.” He also adds that the Internet is equipped with many websites devoted to wife-swapping.  He further reveals that he wants to know the psychology of wife-swapping. Vikram mentions that he likes to know how can a man ask his better half to go and sleep with his friend and how can the wife give permission to her husband to enjoy sexual pleasures with other women? Bhatt says that the most important thing is that he wants to know how they both look at each other’s eyes the next morning?

The film has been titled ‘Love Games’. Poali Dam has been roped in and she is quite excited for the movie. She says her family does not mind her doing the dare to bare roles.

Don’t you think that this evil (wife-swapping) which is currently being done under wraps would get the positive edge after this film is made?

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