Why did Salman Khan invite Ranbir Kapoor to lunch?

Media legends have, for a long time, woven stories of a conflict between actors Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. The biggest reason for their supposed fallout is Katrina Kaif (and it’s no big surprise). After all, Katrina was in a 7-year long relationship with Salman before moving along to Ranbir.

But, Salman being Salman, always comes up with the most amazing things at the most unexpected times. While the media often drags actors out of their comfort zone by blatantly asking personal questions, Salman seems to have stumped the tabloids this time around. The latest news from tinsel town is that Salman invited Ranbir for a personal lunch with him while they were shooting in the same studio.

Reportedly, both Salman and Ranbir were shooting for their respective films in the famous Mehboob studio when they bumped into each other. The situation may have led to some awkwardness since the two are not exactly….err…the best of friends. But even Bollywood’s ‘Rockstar’ was left stumped when Salman invited him over for lunch. After recovering from the initial shock, Ranbir cordially accepted and went away with Sallu. The two, thereafter, indulged in some yummy food and some unknown conversation before parting ways. We wonder if Katrina was a part of their topics of discussion! Reportedly, there was a bit of awkwardness, albeit briefly, during their lunch (surely, they must have discussed about Katty). But all is well, that ends well!

Will this lunch bring in some harmony into their relationship? Only some time back, in 2011, bitterness was apparent between the two. Salman was accused of editing out Ranbir’s item number from his ‘Chillar Party’. He also didn’t extend the film’s premiere invitation to Ranbir causing more than a few tongues to wag. So, this luncheon story definitely makes the case all the more interesting, and intriguing…….Wonder what lies beneath!

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