Yash Chopra asks Manish Malhotra to make Katrina Kaif glamorous yet Indian

Mumbai: We all know that how much care is taken for the heroines of Yash Raj Films. But the heroines who work under the direction of Yash Chopra, they are endowed with extra miles of care. Yash Chopra is famous for making his heroines sensuous, stylish yet Indian. The masses get mesmerized and caught with the magic of the babes of Yash Chopra. He is the man who knows the heroines must be super beautiful, sexier, stylish yet Indian. He asks the fashion designers to take special care and design the clothes which boost the beauty of the heroines.

Thus the ones who get a chance to work with Yash Chopra are rest assured of the glamorous and sensuous look, which they cannot get from other directors in town. By the time, Katrina was roped in to work under the captaincy of the brilliant and legendary filmmaker, she felt relaxed that now she would automatically be looking glamorous and super gorgeous as Yash Ji is behind the camera and the in charge of the team.

She even disclosed her heart in an interview saying that Yash Chopra makes his heroines super sensuous and he takes special care of them to look more beautiful and sexier on screen. From Sri Devi to Madhuri Dixit, Kajol to Juhi Chawla  – all leading babes of Bollywood have worked with Yash and they all claim praises for the luminous man’s ability to make leading ladies sumptuous.

Yash Chopra has asked Manish Malhotra to design the clothes and give the look to Katrina in a manner that she will appear both stylish yet Indian.  He has been given the task to make Kaif as a true quintessential Yash Chopra heroine.

Manish is currently taking deep care of the matter and is on way to make Katrina Kaif a real classy beauty on screen. Katrina is working with Yash Chopra for his untitled film starring Shah Rukh Khan in main lead.

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