Yash Chopra got threats

Mumbai: The latest report in Bollywood is related to the veteran film producer, none other than Yash Chopra. From what we have been able to find out it seems that the icon of tinsel town has received quite a large number of threats from Ravi Pujari, an underworld gangster. It appears that Ravi Pujari has called at the offices of the Yash Raj Film from Oshiwara and has started to make quite a few allegations.

The underworld gangster started to demand a protection fee of almost Rs 50 lakh from the super star Yash Raj. However, the filmmaker reacted right away against this, and sent a letter to the Zonal DCP in which he explained all of the threats received by him from Ravi Pujari. As a response to this, the filmmaker got some extra protection. For now, investigations are in progress and the police have started to tap Yash Raj’s calls.

We have to say that this is not the first time that a celebrity form tinsel town has receives calls from the underworld. Manesh Bhatt and Farhan Azmi have also been through this.

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