Our Team

BollyGraph is the sweat and blood of a dedicated team of professionals who continuously strive day- in and day- out to bring you the latest in Bollywood.  We have leveraged on our passion for Bollywood to keep you up-to-date through in-depth research and high quality articles.

Our Team

Mr. B Pandey | Co-Founder &  CEO

Contact : anything@bollygraph.com

Mr. B Pandey  is the Co-Founder &  Chief Executive officer responsible for the handling the entire operations and management of BollyGraph.

Mr. Rosn Dhakal | Co-Founder & Online Marketing/SEOrdhakal_1383030135_140

Contact : everything@bollygraph.com

Besides being the Co-Founder of BollyGraph, Mr. Rosn Dhakal solely heads the online marketing division of BollyGraph and is responsible for creating effective online marketing strategies. He also handles the task of SEO management and optimization.

Padam Prasad | Chief Editor

Contact : padam.pande@bollygraph.com

Padam Prasad heads the team of professional writers and media journalist s at BollyGraph.  He is responsible for selecting the final articles that get published on BollyGraph.

Nirmal | Editor

Contact : nirmala.p@bollygraph.com

Nirmal  Pandey  as the editor is responsible for quality management by selecting articles that are effective and accurate.

Mukul Kumar Sharma | Editor

Contact : mukul@bollygraph.com

Mukul Kumar Sharma is a writer specializing in TV and Bollywood. He is a regular contributor to many showbiz sites and has a rather different take on usual issues.

Madhulica Sharma | Writer and Graphic Designer

Contact : madhulica@bollygraph.com

Madhulica Sharma combines both copy and art to provide high quality content and compelling visuals as a writer and graphic designer.

Nayandeep Rakshit | News Writer

Contact : nayandeep@bollygraph.com

Nayandeep Rakshit is a Bollywood reporter who reads from the mind and writes from the heart. Bringing real news on everyone’s platter is his passion and honesty to work his trump card. Just another dynamic and determined human with a simple motto: “Aim for the zenith, at least then you might just end up at the stars”

Rachna Srivastava | Writer

Contact : rachna@bollygraph.com

Rachna Srivastava brings alive the Bollywood melodrama through her content. Filled with spice and the desi tarka, her articles are a must read for everyone!

Gangutaji Panta | Writer

Contact : gangu.panta@bollygraph.com

Gangutaji Panta has an eye for detail when it comes to South India News and is able to convey the same through well written articles.

Nikita Mahipal | Writer

Contact : nikita.mahipal@bollygraph.com

Nikita Mahipal writes articles that reflect a Bollywood masala flick. It’s got the right amount of action, emotion and a befitting climax.

Rohit Prabhudesai | Writer

Contact : rohit.prabhudesai@bollygraph.com
Rohit Prabhudesai is a young writer who believes in writing high quality detailed articles,which give proper insight into the world of Bollywood.He just cant stand fake news and is a great fan of underrated actors who do not get their deserved share of fame.

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