Band Baaja Baaraat Review Rating – 3 out of 5

Band Baaja Baaraat
Cast: Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma, Manmeet Singh,
Director: Maneesh Sharma
Release Date: 10th Dec, 2010
Budget:10 crores

Band Baaja Baaraat

A movie under the banner of Yash Raj productions always comes with a lot of expectations. If you are a serious and critical movie enthusiast forget this movie! But yes, if you happen to be into movies as means to pass time, here is a feel-good kind of movie for you. Written and directed by Maneesh Sharma and starring Anushka Sharma (who made her debut with SRK!) and Ranveer Singh(making his debut with this movie!), Band Baaja Baaraat is about two friends deciding to take their relation forward as business partners. Here, of course, they vow to each other that they will never get personal with each other (Ha! As if that is ever possible in a Bollywood movie!).
Anushka who portrays the role of Shruti Kakkar, a no-nonsense girl who has decided that she won’t get married until she proves her mettle in the business world by keeping her own venture of some sort going for at least 5 yrs. She finds a perfect partner in Bitto Sharma (played by Ranveer Singh), and together they come up with a Wedding Planning Consultancy and decide to name their venture as ‘Shaadi Mubhaarak’. As they together scale the heights of success their relation also turns more intimate and Shruti realizes she is in love. But keeping to their prior agreement Bitoo ignores her feelings and finally she breaks up the business partnership. Around this time a man belonging to the upper echelons of the society decide to give the contract for his daughter’s marriage to Shruti and Bitoo and they decide to team up again for one last time.
The first half of the movie, where the two lead characters get into the partnership, sets up the business and all that, has been pieced together really well. But soon after intermission, it all takes a back flip and we sit wondering where it all went wrong. The entire initial tempo is lost and fails to keep a viewer interested. A few changes here and there and this movie would have definitely been given at least a four star rating, but sadly it is averaging on less than 3 stars now.

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