Loot (2011)

Movie Title – Loot 

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Star Cast – Govinda, Hansika Motwani, Shweta Bhardwaj, Jaaved Jaafri, Suneil Shetty, Rakhi Sawant, Ravi Kissen, Mika Singh, Kim Sharma, and Mahesh Manjrekar

Director – Rajneesh Thakur

Producer – Suneil Shetty and Shabbir Boxwala

Music Director – Shravan Sinha, Mika Singh, and Shamir Tandon

Genre – Comedy

There are some movies that get released in movie halls when the time for such movies has already passed by. Loot is one movie that falls in the same category because although the story does seem decent there is nothing in the story that keeps you on the edge or keeps you entertained. Directed by Rajneesh Thakur, Loot stars Govinda, Hansika Motwani, Shweta Bhardwaj, Jaaved Jaafri, Suneil Shetty, Rakhi Sawant, Ravi Kissen, Mika Singh, Kim Sharma, and Mahesh Manjrekar but still fails to make an impression because there is nothing much in the script that audiences can take home.

The movie revolves around Pandit (Govinda), Builder (Suneil), Akbar (Jaaved) and Wilson (Mahakshay Chakraborty) who are assigned the task to handle a robbery in Pattaya, Thailand. However, by luck they get the wrong information and they land up somewhere else to do their robbery. Soon they find themselves in a messy situation because they decide to take on Lalla (Mahesh Manjrekar). The movie continues to get messy till the end when all confusion is cleared up.

On performance level, Govinda does all the justice to the role with his impeccable comic timing. People who love Govinda for his comic timing will love the movie for the performance that he has delivered. Suneil Shetty is just as brilliant in this movie as he was in Aawara Paagal Deewana and he has improved his comedy over the past few years. Jaaved Jaafri might not be a regular actor but he has a flair for comedy like his great father and he handles his role like a professional. However, that is the only good part of the movie. The rest of the actors never do justice to their role and most of them are added just for glamour quotient. Hence, you will find that on performance level the movie does an average job. Technically, the movie is not that good as well. The cinematography by T Surendra Reddy is average and keeps you happy. However, the music by Shravan Sinha, Mika and Shamir Tandon is boring and does not evoke any feeling of entertainment. The songs might look good to see but they are not something that you can like to listen on your music players.

To conclude, Loot has certain things like good comedy to keep you entertained but it fails because it does not have the right script to keep you guessing. The story is very predictable and you know well in advance when the songs are going to come up and when things are going to get messy. On the other hand, Govinda, Suneil Shetty and Jaaved Jaafri are the only three actors in the movie that make some impact on your mind while the rest just wander around on the screen. You can skip this movie for sure rather than getting loot by the multiplexes for nothing in return.

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