Speedy Singhs Review

Movie Title – Speedy Singhs 

[xrr rating=2/5]

Star Cast – Vinay Virmani, Camilla Belle, Anupam Kher, Russell Peters

Director – Robert Lieberman

Producer – Akshay Kumar and Paul Gross

Music Director – Sandeep Chowta and Meet Brothers

Genre – Comedy Drama

Sports movies are now becoming common in India and therefore Akshay has decided to play a gamble and see if Indian and international audiences are able to connect with ice hockey. This movie was very much in the buzz because this is the first time that Akshay will be producing a movie and he has collaborated with Ludacris in one of the songs which run during the end credits. Directed by Robert Lieberman, Speedy Singhs stars Vinay Virmani, Camilla Belle, Anupam Kher and Russell Peters

The plot of the movie is not something that cannot be guessed from the promos itself. Rajveer (Vinay) dreams about having a professional career in ice hockey in Canada. However, he has various hurdles to cross before he can actually convert that dream into reality. He believes that he can dominate the game which is traditionally made for whites. However, that is something that his father Darvesh Singh (Anupam Kher) does not appreciate. Darvesh forces Rajveer into religion and family business which is something that Rajveer does not like. Things go wrong when Rajveer decides that he has had enough and makes his own decision to create Sikh ice hockey team (Speedy Singhs) and finds a suitable coach Dan Winters (Rob Lowe). From here on the journey of a team begins to fight back the hurdles and win the game.

On performance scale, Vinay Virmani impresses because we can understand that this is his debut movie and therefore he is really good for the first time appearance. He shows that he has a good potential of an actor provided further opportunities are provided. He is really good at his facial expressions. Russell Peters is also good and humorous but there is not much provided to his character in the movie. Anupam Kher is good but he has been doing the same kind of roles many times now so he should definitely stop himself now from doing such character roles that we have seen in countless movies. The rest of the cast in the movie is decent but could have done better. Technically, the movie is great and cinematography by Steve Danyluk is something that you should look out for. The editing by Susan Shipton is good and the screenplay by Vinay Virmani is decent.

However, the movie does not make much impression because the audience have already seen such movies recently. To be honest, Speedy Singhs look like an international remake of Patiala House which stars Akshay. The movie has some similarities with Bend It Like Beckham where we see generation gap and ideology differences between the younger and elder generation. The ice hockey thing is the only new factor that has been brought out by the movie as so far very less movies are made on ice hockey. However, that too does not work for Indian audiences because no one really watches ice hockey back in India. The screenplay of the movie is decent but not substantial enough to keep the viewers on their seats. To make it worse the music by Meet Brothers and Sandeep Chowta has not done much magic except the Shera Di Kaum and Aaja Veh. In other words, Speedy Singhs will fall down the box office speedily.

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