Abhayam – Movie Review

Movie Title – Abhayam


Cast: Allari Naresh, Shrein and Swathi

Director: Krishna Vasmshi

Music: Joshua Sridhar

Genre: Thriller

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

Krishna Vasmshi’s directed venture ‘Abaayam’ has hit the cinema screens. The name Krishna Vasmshi is what is much credible in the Tamil film industry. The film is the remake of the Telugu movie ‘Danger’. The film stars Allari Naresh, Shrein and Swathi in the pivotal characters. The music of the movie has been scored by Joshua Sridhar.

The film was being awaited much by the audiences since it is the remake of the Telugu flick ‘Danger’ which made good business at the box office, the people wanted to see it in their own Tamil language. And in Tamil, the film’s title has been changed to Abhayam.

The film went average at the box office since it is not well made flick but nonetheless it appeared average. Thus the masses who want to come out to see the picture, they can watch it. Their money will not go waste.

The execution of the flick is good and holds values. The director impresses with his work of art. He has the ability to get the viewers glued to the cinema screens till the end though there are many moments in the movie which are lethargic and let the viewers start yawning. But overall result is what that makes the audiences sit and watch.

The script of the movie is shaky – not high on values and not that bad that you begin calling it lackluster. The story is good.

The pals – Karthik (Sairam), Abhishek (Ali), Satya (Naresh), Lakshmi (Swathi) and Sherin (Radhika) make a plan to go for a bash to make the celebration of Lakshmi’s wedding. They are going on a vehicle together and the car suddenly hits a police van. Rather than helping the police, they run away with fear from the place.

They are partying in a farm house where their vehicle gets traced. They escape from the place and take the shelter in jungle. They see a politician there killing a newborn kid as his offering to God. The politician wants to become CM which is why he is doing so. The group makes the video of this killing. Politician sees them making the video, he and his team starts chasing them. Here the cat and mouse game begins. What happens next forms the interest level for the viewer.

This thriller is well executed on screen. Director deserves applauds for such brilliant execution. The story is pleasing and has interest level intact. Script has loopholes which is why the flick went average. Besides some of the performances of the stars too make it average as they deliver mundane acts.

The cinematography is appealing. Editing is just about okay. Music is spongy and ear-pleasing.

The performances by the leading stars are great. Allari Naresh, Shrein and Swathi do great with the acting but the rest of the cast is pretty average.


On the whole, Abhayam is an average thriller but fills your expectations to some extent. The interest level is intact in the movie and that is what can be viewed.

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