Akshay Kumar is not as impressive as he used to be

Akshay Kumar participation in the KKK 4 is a good way to get away from his previous show which is the Master Chef edition of Indian.  He is the host of season 1 and 2 of Khatron Ke Khiladi.

This time he isn’t aiming to impress anyone as he is focusing more on the stunts and interactivity which are aided by lackluster dialogues, and distracting clothing.  This is quite a disappointment since he hosted the first two seasons with fine clothing and has proven that he is good when it comes to entertaining.  Maybe he will be changing as the show goes on but it is not clear on whether he will be changing back to his old self in the opening episode of the show.


To keep up with the daredevil disposition of the show, AK’s opening is fairly audacious with the star snugly lounged on a hammock suspended mid-air from a helicopter only to jump onto a truck, which is followed by a huge explosion, cut to 13 stunt-performing contestants popping out from the back.


The format still remains the same but this time it comes with inclusion of two unidentified local women parading as Sheila and Munni to dole out ‘Jeet ki jhapi and Preet ki puppy. The idea behind the entrance of the two women is not yet clear but the idea is certainly not funny, not sexy and not cool.


In day 1, the contestants which are consist of models, television stars and Bollywood starlets paired up with a non-celebrity partner.  The stunt which is called Mard tangewala, obliges every team to latch to a horse-led carriage that pull them on the ground by a rope while the other knocks down strategically placed cones along the course.  The task is messy but the prize is good that it all the hardships during the show are worth it.


The girls together with their partner all do their best to take on the challenge up ahead.  The participating contestants are Models Diandra Soares, Aliesia Raut, Dina Singh, Poonam Pandey, singer Mauli Dave, video jockeys Bani and Mia, reality show veterans Kashmera Shah, Sambhavana Seth, TV bahus Smita Bansal and Aashka Goradia, Bollywood actress Aarti Chabbria and finally a sports personality, Anjum Chopra.




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