Amitabh praises high for Ram Charan Teja – Amala teaches Arya how to lock lips

Mumbai: Bollywood legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan has praised quite higher for the Telugu star Ram Charan Teja, who is the son of the superstar Charanjeevi. Ram Charan is playing the main lead in the remake of Amitabh’s classic Zanjeer in which he had played the angry young man’s character. Bachchan went to the sets of the Zanjeer to meet Charan specially and talked to him and bless him there.

Bachchan talked to the media there and told that Ram Charan Teja was a truly successful star in his own right. Bachchan then added that he was the son of the regional superstar Charanjeevi who was his good friend. Amitabh then uttered that he wished the team good luck and was quite hopeful that they would make a good remake.

Ram Charan Teja plays the iconic character of Vijay in this film. Amitabh is quite happy and considers it a big compliment that a remake of his classic is being remade after decades.

On the other hand, we have learnt that the dusky-sexy beauty Amala Paul is much upset with her co-star Arya as he unzipped the fact to the media about the lip-lock kiss taken place in the film.

Well, this is what happened that for the remake of the Tamil hit Vettai in Telugu which is titled ‘Bhale Tammudu’, a lip-lock kiss scene was to be shot. And the leading characters – Amala and Arya were finding troubles in doing so – it was actually Arya who was finding it hard to lock lips with actress Amala. Post many retakes, it was Amala who eventually took the initiative and passionately locked the lips into Arya making him learn how to lock the lips with women. Arya disclosed it to the media. This upset the actress and she got angry over Arya. Well, Arya should have kept this fact to him, as Amala is his teacher now who taught him how to kiss?

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