Ananya to tie the knot – Vishal in trouble on cheque bouncing

Chennai: South beauty Ananya is all geared up for her marriage now. Yes, the news has been confirmed by the sources that Ananya is going to tie the knot with an Industrialist Anjaneyan from Kerela. On 2nd February 2012, the engagement of the couple will take place and then soon the marriage would be announced. The sources claim that there is no love affair between the two rather it is a pure family arrangement thus it is called that theirs would be an arranged marriage. Both the families are reportedly making all the arrangements for wedding to make it grandeur fair.

Ananya is a Tamil actress who has worked in the movies such as Engeyum Eppothum, Seedan and Nadodigal. When asked to continue with the acting post marriage, she said that it would depend on her husband’s decision.

On the other hand, we have learnt that Radhika has eventually filed a complaint in the Sangam against Vishal for the non-payment of Rs. 9 crores. The complaint says that Vishal refuses to pay Rs. 9 crores to Radhika.

This is what happened that Radhika’s Radan TV entered into a contract with Vishal’s production abode for the distribution of Vedi and as per the deal between the two, Radan TV was to distribute Vedi for the agreed amount of Rs. 12 crores. Rs. 3 crores were given to Radan TV for the statellite rights of the film. And when the cheque of Rs. 9 crores was deposited into the bank, it bounced back. Radan TV followed it up constantly with Vishal and his production house for the amount but there was no response from their end. It has been learnt that soon the hearing on this matter will take place. Cheque bouncing is a crime and it is hoped that if Vishal is found guilty, there would be a strict action against him and his production house.

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