Ananya’s fiancé is fraud, she files complaint against him

Chennai: The sources reveal that a police complaint has been filed against the fiancé of actress Ananya. The complaint was filed none other than by the actress and her parents after they learnt the fact that the man was already married. It was super shocking for the actress and her parents that they straight went to file the complaint against the fraudster.

The reports utter that Ananya got the mammoth shock of her life by the time the news reached to her (post her engagement) that her fiancé Anjaneyan was already married but had filed the case for divorce from wife in the court. The man hid this fact not only from her but also from her parents who agreed to give their daughter’s hand to him.

The divorce case is still pending in court. The father of the actress got super incensed that he could not hold himself to file the case against the fraud man. Anjaneyan told that he admitted the truth that he got married in 2008. He also mentioned that his divorce petition filed mutually was pending with court.

Anjaneyan loved the actress a lot that wherever she went, he followed her crazily. Seeing his craziness for Ananya, her parents gave their consent for marriage with him.

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