Arakshaka – Movie Review

Movie Title- Arakshaka

Cast: Upendra, Sada, Ragini Dwivedi, Sharan, Sayaji Shinde, Seetha and others
Film Director: P Vasu
Music Director: Gurukiran
[xrr rating=3.5/5]


P Vasu’s directed suspense thriller Arakshaka’ hits the screens. Produced by Krishna Prajwal, the film has music by Gurukiran and stars Upendra, Sada, Ragini Dwivedi, Sharan, Sayaji Shinde, Seetha and others.

The film is brilliantly made which grabs the attention of the viewers from the opening frame till the end. The execution is simply flawless – the director knows the art of making the suspense thriller which is why the viewers get glued to the screens throughout.  The script, which has to be classy and strapping for a suspense movie, is classically and brilliantly written. There are minor holes, but they are ignorable since Vasu is a good storyteller.

The suspense quotient is high with full dose in the movie since the film keeps you guessing throughout the flow. Being a complex riddle, this psychosomatic killing mystery is made in a manner where the viewer reassesses all the happenings time and again. The film is a class with good direction, hitting script and power packed performances.

The film talks about an IPS officer Arun Kumar who lands into a mental asylum in order to make the investigation of the disappearance of Stephen Raj (Adhi Lokesh) and to solve the murder mystery. The police officer is of the view that the hospital staffers and authorities headed by Sayaji Shinde are helping Stephen hide in the hospital and the staff is not letting the truth come out. The IPS officer is now utterly desperate to catch Stephen since he suspects that Adhi has abducted his loving better half Catherine (Sada).

The twists and turns take place in the narrative next. The climax is brilliant and surprising.

The script has been penned by P. Vasu as well and he wrote it with super brilliance as it becomes the actual hero of the flick. Further good direction of Vasu makes the film more strapping for the viewers. PHK Das’s cinematography is a work of class. In this type of film, a good camera work is required. The camera movements are splendid and raise the spirits of the viewers. Editing is crispy. Music by Gurukiran is spongy and catches the ears.

Upendra impresses with his classy piece of acting. He knows the art of acting and how to catch the viewer’s pulse. He displays his histrionics on screen with aplomb. Ragini and Sada both look gorgeous and heart-hitting on screen. They enact the parts well. Sayaji Shinde is good with the role. Rest of the cast delivers great jobs.


On the whole, Arakshaka is a brilliantly made suspense thriller which gets the viewers glued to the screen from the beginning till the end.


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