Arjun Kapoor gets his own virus

The star of Virus Diwan movie, Arjun Kapoor recently caught virus.  The Bollywood actor is going to sit on his till he is cure of the virus.


Fans don’t have to worry about their favorite Bollywood actor since he is not really sick.  The virus that we are talking is about the difference between producers and the director of the film Bumpy, because of which the launch of the new movie has been shelved.  On the bright side, the producers, Yash Raj Films, still thinks that Arjun’s career will kick start with this project.


Good thing for Arjun that he has another project made for him.  Habib Faisal, is a director who achieved National Award for his notable film Do Dooni Chaar and and is also the one who is responsible for writing the script for Band Baaja Baaraat, plan on launching Arjun on another movie that he hopes to become the most talked of the town when it finally launches.


The movie is supposedly to be launched this year but the actor will now have to wait for him to launch his first Bollywood film.  The release of his movie Virus Diwan has been shelved and now a new movie is on the work just for him.  Aditya Chopra and Habib Faisal had a meeting to discuss more about the new film.
Because of the difference between eh producer and the director, Bumpy will be no longer the director of the movie.


According to a YRF spokesperson, they are still searching for the lead actress of the upcoming movie


There is no further information about the problem that his producer and director are facing.  Let’s just hope that this will not affect Arjun’s enthusiasm and the market value of the movie.


Like the name of the movie is suggesting the movie is about a techie who is quite good when it comes to hacking. So can we expect Boney Kapoor’s son doing something techie that will get the attention of powerful companies and also the government in India.   The tagline for the movie is ‘Enter. Infect. Escape’, the about is a hacker who will stole some vital information


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