Ayyare – Movie Review

Movie Title – Ayyare

Producer: Sudhakaer Babu

Director: Sagar Chandra

Starring: Rajendra Prasad, Sivaji and Anisha Singh

Music: Sunil Kashyap

[xrr rating=1.5/5]

Preetam Productions presents the Telugu movie ‘Ayyare’ starring Rajendra Prasad, Shivaji and Anisha Singh in the main lead. Produced by Sudhakaer Babu, the film has been directed by Sagar Chandra. The movie contains mundane storyline and the direction too is weak and does not have any potential to rave big about.

Ayyare talks about Venkatesh (Shivaji) who is a mechanic. He falls in love with Anjali (Anisha). She too gives her heart to him post his attempts to lure her. Girl’s father (Shiva Prasad) initially agrees for the marriage but later turns against Venkatesh. He does not have any clue as to what happened to girl’s father as to why he turned against the marriage. Enters into the scene Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) who utters that he is aware of the whole saga behind all this! What happens next forms the story!

The story is ordinary there is no novelty in it. The script is poor and has many flaws. The film lacks the oomph factor which is why the viewers are found themselves taking the yawns in the theaters.

First half of the film revolves around the love saga of Venkatesh and Anjali and the love knitted between the two is simply lackluster. It does not have any intetest quotient for the moviegoers, who soon get bored with the happenings on the screen. The story seems to going to the end but all of a sudden a twist in the tale comes when Prasad’s character is introduced into the narrative.

If you are going to watch the film on the basis of the starcast, then don’t go at all. Despite having the names like Rajendra Prasad and Shivaji, the film lacks and does not have anything to allure the audiences. Thus if you are going to watch for fun, you will hardly find it and turn disappointed in return.

The film is basically about the story of a common man who turns god-man. It also talks about how he is exploited by the evils in his surroundings?

Second half of the film is nonetheless better than the first one since you find content there.

Direction by Sagar Chandra , as mentioned above, is pretty ordinary. Nivas’s dialogues are weak. Cinemotography of the movie is average. Editing is okay. Music by Sunil Kashyap is below average.

Shiva Ji does not get a meaty role to play in the film. Anisha Singh is okay with the role. Rajendra Prasad does fine and is liked by the viewers. Rest of the cast is okay.


Ayyare is a ordinary film that lacks in all fronts – direction, story, script and other departments.

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