Be Ready for Salman Khan’s movie

It was only last year when the movie ‘Dabangg’ broke the record when the movie earns about Rs.48.25 crore in its first week of film showing.  Now another Salman Khan’s movie has entered the box office chart when it earns Rs.41 crore just this weekend.


Although many admitted that it is not in par with Dabanng when it comes to, content, appeal and long innings of the movie.  The movie is really entertaining that it got itself a good opening.


On the first day of the movie, moviegoers have already filled the seats of the movie on almost every cinema, with around 90-95 percent being filled.  It is a comedy movie and it doesn’t display any stunts like the two movies before it.

Yogesh Raizada, corporate head (Cinemas) of Wave Cinemas said that the actor Salman has justified his role and has been able to give life to the character.

The movie Ready is contrary to the movie Dabanng since it is story a small town cop with the whole story is shot in two different location such as Wai in Maharashtra and also in the UAE.  This time the new movie “Ready” is shot completely in Thailand which made it even more expensive.


The movie which was released in 1900 cinemas earns around for just the first day.


The movie seats were not full like the movie Dabanng and Wanted but those who have seen the movie Ready like it so much.


The movie Ready which was shot entirely in Thailand is about a about happy-go-lucky guy Prem (Salman).  One day he aided a girl who was about to be married to the wrong guy escape his future husband.


Similarly to his previous movie Wanted, the new movie performs much better in single cinemas nationwide, as confirmed by Piyush Raizada of Delite Cinemas.


He added that the response is really great.  Up to now, most of their shows are full of moviegoers.  However it difficult to say if the new movie would be as big as Dabanng since the number of people watching the movie is still growing.


There are some speculation that the movie would not stay long in the top, somehow it would have to give way to another movie.


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