Bete – Movie Review

Movie Title – Bete

Director: Srinivas Kaushik

Cast: Akshay, Ayesha, Alisha and Srinivas

Music: Akil

[xrr rating=1/5]

Bete, as was being awaited, has come out in theaters. Directed by Srinivas Kaushik directs this venture that stars Akshay, Ayesha, Alisha and Srinivas in main roles. Srinivas Kaushik’s directed saga ‘Bete’ is a poor show all the way. The man has emerged with super flick ‘Yaradhu’ two years back. With this film, he could not maintain the tempo and even could not continue the success. He seems simply ignorant about the cinema art with this project, though the man knows the art well. But why he showed the mundane skills at this junction is simply weird. Whether he was in haste or was in depressed state of mind that he did not focus properly on the flick.

Bete that means ‘hunt’ is even devoid of any punch and the good script. The story too is weak that looks dull and boring. There is no logic in the film; it seems as if it is running without any meaning. The execution is failed. The viewer cannot stay even for sometime in the cinema – they cannot even yawn rather turn red with anger as to what is being offered to them in terms of entertainment.

The film talks about the ill-minded figures v/s the respected ones in the society. The film also pours the light on the rackets of the evils working in the hospitals, hotels and at many places and also focuses on the sensitive matter of human smuggling such as innocent gals’ smuggling to other countries. All this seems much convincing but in actual, it is not on screen since the execution is poor and the script could not carry the content aptly and skillfully.

Ashwini Chengappa (Ayesha) is a journalist from the print media. She is after all these baddies in addition to her stern columns against them. She is laced with utter details and has sources thus she comes to know everything in advance prior to police’s knowledge. Ashwini’s sister gets murdered by this racket working in hospital and hotel and she gets shocked upon learning about her sister’s killing. Following this, a number of scandals are unzipped and the baddies are brought into action when climax happens.

As mentioned earlier, film lacks good direction and the director who is good but does poor job of being a good story teller here. He portrays himself as a layman of the art. Further the spoiling happens with the mundane script. Cinematography, editing and music – Bete disappoints on all fronts.

Well, on acting front, you may witness some good performances from the leading stars such as Akshay and Ayesha. Rest of the cast is just about okay.


Bete is best avoided. The film fails on direction, story, script and music.

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