Bodyguard – Movie Review

Movie Title – Bodyguard

Film Banner: Sri Sai Ganesh Productions
Starring: Venkatesh, Trisha and Saloni
Music: Thaman S
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh
Director: Gopichand Malineni

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

The Telugu version of Bodyguard has hit the screens fetching the attention of the moviegoers who were waiting desperately for the release. Why? This is because the previous versions of the movie in Malayalam (originally made in Malayalam), Tamil, Hindi and then Kannada made the bigger waves among the respective viewers of the language. Even the Hindi version of the film starring Salman khan and Kareena Kapoor looted the whole of India and the rest of the world. Salman Khan has even been nominated for the best actor category at Filmfare Awards to be taken place later this month.

Venkatesh enacts the leading role in the film directed by Gopichand Malineni. Trisha plays the main actress of the movie made under the banner of Sri Sai Ganesh Productions  (Bellamkonda Suresh).

Bodyguard tells the story of Venkatadri (Venkatesh) who happens to be a bodyguard professionally. To protect Varada Rajulu (Prakash Raj), he steps into his abode since Varada has danger from his enemies. Venkatadri respects Varada Rajulu hugely since he had saved his family including him years back when Venkatadri was a kid. Soon he realizes that Varada’s daughter Keerthi (Trisha) too is in danger. Thus he moors the belts to turn her bodyguard. Wherever she goes, he goes along. Every day, he goes with her to her college. She does not like this at all since her pals make fun of her. Thus she schemes a plan by calling him as anonymous caller but soon this calling turns into love at both sides where Venkatadri is unaware of the fact the caller is actually Keerthi. There emerges a big twist in tale that turns the lives of both Venkatadri and Keerthi.

Direction is first rate by Gopichand Malineni. The man has potential and he shows the same on the screen. The viewers do not get bored for even a minute and the eyes get fixed at the screens from the opening reels till the last. The story is brilliant. Scripting is fabulous and full of life that it holds the attention of the cinegoers. Dialogues are simply catchy and heart-arresting. Cinematography is fabulous and editing is crispy.

First half of the flick is laced with utter entertainment since it carries the humorous scenes to lure the audiences whereas the post interval portion is laced with drama that captures the hearts.

Music by Thaman is spongy and a treat to listen to.

Venkatesh impresses with his classy skills of acting. He seems to be in his true elements. Trisha is simply gorgeous and alluring as an actress. Rest of the cast attracts as well.


Bodyguard has commercial elements and it is a commercial success all the way. A well-made film, it raises the spirits and works big time with the masses.

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