Daruvu – Movie Review

Movie Title – Daruvu

Producer: Sri Venkateswara Entertainments

Director: Shiva

Cast: Raviteja and Taapsee

Music: Vijay Anthony

[xrr rating=1/5]

Teulgu movie ‘Daruvu’ hits the screens today. The film was in attention due to the presence of the famed Telugu hero Raviteja, who is quite famous among the masses over there. Taapsee plays the leading lady for Raviteja in the film that has been directed by Shiva. The movie has been produced under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Entertainments.

The movie is not good as it was being expected. The presence of Raviteja has been wasted quite a lot. Although he is the hero and seen all over the movie but his character is not worthwhile and the director Shiva could not raise it to the level where the audiences love it. The plot is not novel at all thus the interest quotient of the viewers drop.

Daruvu talks about Bullet Raja (Raviteja) who happens to be an orphan. Bullet makes his living by doing petty crimes and other wrongdoings. His life is shaken by the time he bumps into a girl called Swetha (Taapsee). He soon loses his heart to her. There happens an interesting encounter with Yama Raja (Prabhu) which makes Bullet Raja a home minister. What takes place next is what forms the story.

Neither is the story interesting nor is it novel at all.  Thus there is no scope for the interest level for the audiences. Script is laced with many unavoidable flaws. It is quite predictable since every frame lets you know what will happen next. Heroine’s character gets missing into the narrative for long time and you keep thinking where she is? There is no balance at all in the story and the direction too does not have any kind of balance to entertain the moviegoers. Further the hamper is punched on the viewers with bad execution. The direction is simply lackluster that you want to skip from the theaters.

The music arranged by Vijay Antony is boring and too loud. Background score is pretty okay. Dialogues are below average. Cinematography appeals but editing is faulty.

Raviteja enacts well but as mentioned above his character has not been created with care and seems wasted. Taapsee delivers the goods well. Parbhu is okay. Rest of the cast is below average with the acts.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, Daruvu is a boring product that has nothing to impress the audiences.

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