Dashamukha – Movie Review

Movie Title – Dashamukha

Director: KV Raju

Cast: Ravichandran, Ananth Nag, Devraj, Datanna, Avinash, Ravi Kale, Achyuthkumar, Praveen, Saritha, Malavika and Akansha

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Kannada movie ‘Dashamukha’ releases today. The movie was in news due to its unique storyline and viewers wanted to view it. The flick is not a regular Ravichandran’s film where he is seen dolling up the dhoti and doing the things for the welfare of the masses. The flick is dished out for the viewers sans any kind of romantic tracks, catchy costumes and colorful sets. It is an altogether a different sort of movie that revolves around a serious and sensitive subject. It is something of a parallel cinema.

The film tells the story of Agni (Chethan), who is a 20-year-old slum guy. He is accused of murdering his father (Sudharshan). The common masses and the media want the boy to be hanged till death. The trial continues till nine months and after that the court appoints a jury consisting of ten members – all ten are from various walks of life and their role is to decide whether the culprit was guilty or not.

The film now fully focuses on the jury room where the panel of judges is there. The ten judges are played by Ananth Nag, Devraj, Datanna, Avinash, Ravi Kale, Achyuthkumar, Praveen, Saritha, Malavika and Akansha.  They all zero in the decision that the boy should be hanged till they find him guilty. The panel is of the view that his act is harmful for the society and they want to give strong message to the society so that no one in future takes the law in hands. One of the judges (played by Rabindernath) differs from the others and raises the objection on their decision. He thinks differently. Ravi then explores some facts which prove Agni’s innocence. What happens next is what forms the story – suspense filled story.

The film’s plotting has been borrowed from a Hollywood film ’12 Angry Men’. The story is interesting. Script of the movie is well-written though has some flaws but they are ignorable. Direction by KV Raju, who also pens in screenplay, is good and binds the viewers to the screen. The suspense element is intact in this murder mystery.

Cinematography is first rate. Editing is not up to the mark – the length of the movie could be shortened.

Ravichandran is impressive with his act. He allures the souls. Yesteryears’ actress Saritha impresses. Ananth Nag is in elements. Avinash is good. Rest of the cast goes well with the flow of acting.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, Dashamukha is a well-made murder mystery, which is interesting.

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