Dhandupalya – Movie Review

Movie Title – Dhandupalya

Producers: Prashanth Kumar and Girish

Director: Srinivasaraju

Cast: Pooja Gandhi, Makrand Deshpande, Petrol Prasanna, Kari Subbu, Yathiraj, Jai Dev, Swathi, Danny, Raghu Mukerjee, Nisha Kothari and Ravishanker

[xrr rating=1.5/5]


Kannada movie ‘Dhandupalya’ is out for the viewers’ entertainment. But does it really entertains the filmgoers? For this read on the review. The film talsk about the killings, robberies and gang rapes done by the Dhandupalya gang. They kill the innocent people and even do the gang rape of the innocent girls. This gang consists of nine people (Ravi Kaale, Petrol Prasanna, Makrand Deshpande, Danny, Jai Dev, Yathiraj, Swathi and another lady Pooja Gandhi). Lakshmi (Pooja Gandhi) is the head of this gang. They come at the doors and asks for the water then gatecrash into the house and loots the goods and if they find the ladies in the house, they do the gang rapes. The killing has exceeded the number 42 in the area and police are still unable to trace the gang. This gang called Dhandupalya gang is well supported by a criminal lawyer called Bhatru (Doddanna).

Thimma, one of the gang member, gets caught by the cops, by the time he is on way to steal the ornaments of the temple. Through this guy, the police inspector Chalapathy (Ravishanker) develops a clue and reaches at the gang members. The entire gang is produced in the court and the arguments start but the case goes into their favor. At the last minute when the verdict in their favor is to be announced, an affected comes into the court and the whole gang’s truth comes in front of the judge who puts Section 302 of IPC on the gang.

There is no novelty in the film. We have seen many a films on this genre previously. The screenplay is just about okay as it is not appealing and takes lethargic route at many points as well. Execution of the subject on screen is pretty ordinary. Srinivasaraju , the director of the movie, does not impress at all and he does not have any potential to make the viewers sit and watch the entire movie.  Venkat Prasad’s cinematography is strictly okay. Editing is not good. Arjun Janya scores ordinary piece of music.

Pooja Gandhi impresses with her role of Lakshmi. She allures the souls. Makrand Deshpande too goes well with the role. Ravishanker in inspector’s role raises the spirits.  Rest of the cast is okay.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, Dhandupalya is an ordinary product which is not a cinematic pleasure at all. Thus it is better to stay back at home.

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