Dhanush considers Aishwarya his lucky charm

Chennai: Dhanush, the Kolaveri Di singer, has said in an interview that his wife Aishwarya is his lucky charm in career and life. He praised a lot about his better half by saying that whatever he is and what success he got all of a sudden with the song internationally, his wife is behind it since she is his lucky charm.

He and wife were in Delhi on Wednesday where he was invited by the Prime Minsiter Manmohan Singh over a dinner where the Japanese PM too was invited. Dhanush revealed his excitement after meeting the PM and having dinner with him. He said that though it was a brief meeting but he got super excited and proud of meeting with the Prime Minister.

Dhanush expressed that Manmohan Singh praised his song a lot. Singh wished Dhanush every success in life.

His wife Aishwarya’s birthday is on January 1st 2011. Dhanush uttered that he had no plans of New Year’s Eve since he would be quite busy with many projects and shootings. He also declared that he was invited by many to perform at the New Year’s night but he was handsomely busy with shootings on 31st Day.

Besides he showed his desire to spend the New Year night with wife and kids. Aishwarya told that she had not planned anything for the New Year since she was of the view that all should be left on God.

Dhanush excitedly mentioned that the song had made him utter popular since people started recognizing him as an actor and singer. Because of the popularity of this song, Dhanush is known to those who did not know him previously. He is now the international sensation as his song ‘Kolaveri Di’ was declared the Best Song of the Year 2011 by CNN, the US news channel of international fame.

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